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Aamco Driving School Inc in Scarborough is the leading Driving School providing driving lessons & driver education course in Scarborough. We have over 40 years of experience within driving instructor industry and pioneer in providing Driving lesson & driver education course in GTA. The team at Aamco Driving School Inc in Scarborough are all top driving instructors in their own right and with their visionary ideas and knowledge of the industry, Aamco Driving School have always remained competitive and a market leader. Our in-car and in-class instructors are graduates from the Ontario Safety league as well as Canadian Pro Drivers, and have the experience and expertise to teach novice drivers emergency manoeuvres, winter driving, freeway driving, road test preparation and techniques to prevent rear end and head on collisions.

Aamco is an approved driving school and Ms. Sara who is the founder, has for a longtime been one of the best female driving instructor in Scarborough. We have been a partner in road safety, teaching novice drivers collision-free and defensive driving techniques.
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Female Driving Instructor Scarborough

What our founder says ?

“My name is Sara – I became an instructor in 1981, first lady instructor and 153 in GTA. Have been serving the community in promoting Road Safety and Safe Driving as an In-car and In-class instructor. I have taught 3 generations. We’ve lost count of how many learner drivers have been through our doors and gone on to pass their driving test but we can safely say that it’s in the thousands. We wouldn’t even like to think about how many hours of driving lessons in Scarborough the team has given.

Our goal here at Aamco Driving School Inc in Scarborough is not just to make you a driver but an ARTFUL – DEFENSIVE – CARING – RESPONSIBLE – COOPERATING DRIVER. I have been teaching young, elderly and nervous drivers. Helping them develop the sense of judgment, co-ordination, observation and confidence. These are the key factors that contribute to safe driving. At AAMCO we teach our students how to PREVENT a COLLISION and NOT TO BE A CAUSE of one. We teach winter driving and Freeway and life-saving skills. As a founder of AAMCO, I have personally trained my team of skilled instructors. Our goal and focus is to teach skills to save lives and make our roads SAFER.”


Tips for passing your Road Test ?

Assume “straight ahead” until examiner says “right” or “left”. Ignore an instruction to turn if it is given too late. Don’t be forced to make an unsafe lane change.
Don’t talk unnecessarily to the examiner.
Keep pace with the flow of the traffic. For most city streets 60km/h is good speed. 20km/h is good speed for most turns.
Use your mirrors often and turn your head to make it obvious that you look left and right at all intersections and railway crossings.
Keep a space cushion and slow down well before stops. Also, be gentle on the accelerator and use carefully controlled hand over hand steering. Keep two hands on the steering wheel; don’t “palm the wheel” with one hand. Remember smoothness is the mark of an expert driver.
Make full stops. Hold a stop for two seconds to give yourself time to look and yield the right of way. Go slowly at YIELD signs. Stop for the amber signal unless unsafe to do so. Make full stop before turning right on a red signal. Watch out for left turns and one way streets.
Dont force a pedestrian to break their stride. Give people with no protection plenty of space.
Leave the left lane open for passing.
If you make a mistake, say nothing and just carry on. Don’t let mistakes that are behind you distract you from more important things that lie ahead and demand your full attention. The examiner does not expect you to be perfect and will not fail for a poor parallel park, unless you bump into another vehicle or post. Of course, you will lose some points if you bump into the curb or forget to signal.
Don’t ask for help in difficult situation. The purpose of driving test is for you to shoe the examiner that you can drive reasonably well without help.

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