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Is Aamco Driving School an approved school by the Ministry of Transportation?

Yes, Aamco Driving School is an approved Beginner Driver Education course provider in good standing with the Ministry of Transportation for 30 years.

What does BDE stand for?

Beginner Driver Education.

What are the Benefits of taking a Beginner Driver Education program?

You can qualify to go for your road test in 8 months from the date that you got your G.1 and you may qualify for an insurance discount (3 star rating).

What does the full course consist of?

The full course is comprised of 20 hours of in class sessions, 10 hours of in car sessions and 10 hours of home based learning.

When are your classes offered?

We offer classes on Saturdays, Sundays, evenings and during holidays. Please see our Schedule page for more information.

What is required to be certified by your school?

You need to complete the 20 hours of in class sessions, 10 hours of in car sessions with an average of 80% in both and hand in the workbook for in home study. After this is complete, we can enroll you in the Ministry of Transportationís system.

How do I get a certificate for Insurance purposes?

The Ministry of Transportation does not issue a certificate anymore. Once you are enrolled in the system with the Ministry of Transportation, then you have to go to Service Ontario and get a DRIVER HISTORY REPORT. This report will show that you have completed the Beginner Driver Education program with our school. There is also a $12.00 fee for this report.

What do I need to bring to the in class sessions?

You need to bring a current copy of the official driverís handbook and your G.1 license. Please note, you can still start you in class sessions even if you do not have your G.1 yet.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we do have a payment plan available for our students. The initial deposit is $200.00 which can be payable by cash or cheque in the office or you can pay online via our website. The balance of the payment is due either your last day in class or by your fifth in car session ñ whichever comes first.

Do I have to finish all of my in class sessions before I start my in car sessions?

No, you have a choice of doing both in car and in class sessions at the same time.

How do I book my road test?

Your in car instructor can book it for you or you can book it yourself after you have been enrolled with the Ministry of Transportation by going on their website www.drivetest.ca or you can call at (416)-325-8580.

Do I have to take my certificate with me when I go for my G.1 exit test?

No, but if you going for your test after 8 months of your G.1 then make sure that you are enrolled online with the Ministry of Transportation.

Can I get a discount is I bring other people to the course or refer other people to the program?

Yes, you can call the Manager Sara at (416)-878-3839 for group discounts and our referral program.

Is the car for the road test included in the course fee?

No, you have a choice to use your own car or you can rent a driving school car for an additional charge.

What if I need more in class sessions then the 10 that are provided in the course fee?

You can purchase individual or mini packages at an additional charge.

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