Who we are & what we do

Learning safe driving techniques is important not only in preventing accidents but also gaining the confidence to get to your destination without feeling stressed about driving.Prepare for your G1 and G2 courses with the help of our expert instructors. Learn safe and life-long driving skills. Individual and personalized lessons are available to suit every individual. Classes and road tests are performed by male and female instructors.

AAMCO Benefits

  1. Teaching novice driver long lasting driving skills and techniques.
  2. We teach collision free and defensive driving including the SMITH SYSTEM and the IPDE System.
  3. Our in car instructors have the experience and the expertise to teach novice drivers emergency maneuvers, winter, freeway and city driving.
  4. We also provide road test preparation tips at no additional charge.
  5. We teach how to prevent a collision and not be the cause of one.
  6. Ranked # 1 in the GTA. As part of our staff we have the first female instructor in the GTA (153rdinstructor in the GTA).
  7. We have trained thousands of novice drivers; we also specialize in providing refreshers courses, and instruction to seniors and newcomers, drivers with disabilities and language barriers.

MTO Approved Driving Schools In Scarborough

Sara Devi Dasi

Hi my name is ­­­ Sara, and I have been working for Aamco Driving School for the past 30 years. I was the first lady instructor in GTA . I look forward to working with you in the near future!